Why has there been a boom in demand for aluminium home improvements?

Aluminium has long been the material of choice for commercial windows and doors. It’s strength to weight ratio and excellent customisation capacity has made aluminium the premier material for shop fronts, curtain walling and all types of large glazed commercial buildings.

Aluminium in the residential sector

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In recent years, aluminium windows and doors have seen a steady increase in popularity in the domestic glazing sector. In 2020, the home improvement industry experienced a surge in demand as homeowners adapted to new working conditions and sought to enhance their properties. During the Covid pandemic, homeowners have spent hundreds of thousands of pounds on property renovations. As homeowners searched online for the best products to improve their homes, aluminium glazing became ever more popular.

With so much more time being spent at home, people began to look for different ways to optimise their living space. In many cases, homeowners wanted to open up their homes and connect interior and exterior living areas. When searching for the best products for seamlessly linking inside and out, aluminium bifold doors were often specified as the best option. The popularity of aluminium bifold doors was already increasing, year on year. In 2020, this trend saw a further upsurge as homeowners realised the benefits of aluminium bifolds over other materials such as timber and uPVC.

Aluminium’s inherent strength and capacity to accommodate multiple door leafs ensured that customers continued to request aluminium bifold doors. Aluminium sliding doors also saw an increase in popularity as did full window and door replacement projects where aluminium was the preferred material because of its superior characteristics.

The benefits of using aluminium windows and doors from exlabesa

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As a glazing installer working in the residential sector, you want to offer your customers the best products for their home. When you choose exlabesa as your aluminium system supplier, you get access to a comprehensive range of aluminium glazing systems. We supply high performing aluminium casement windows and tilt and turn windows which are perfect for all types of residential installation. We also supply aluminium bifolding doors, sliding doors, and residential entrance doors which are all compatible with our windows for a one-stop-shop for your glazing supply.

Aluminium windows and doors from exlabesa provide end-users a wide range of benefits. They are sleek and stylish and can be customised to meet almost any design specifications. In terms of security, our entrance doors feature high-performance multi-point locking systems as standard, and our window systems are designed with safety and security in mind. One of the greatest benefits of using aluminium windows and doors from exlabesa is their superior thermal performance capacity. Incorporating polyamide thermal break technology, they help to significantly reduce heat loss and help to cut carbon emissions by creating a more energy efficient home.

Aluminium – the perfect material for a sustainable future

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Across the world there is a drive to reduce carbon emissions and stop global warming. The use of fossil fuels is becoming increasingly restricted, and the use of renewable energy is being promoted. In the UK alone, the government has pledged to reduce the country’s carbon emissions to net-zero by 2050. This focus on sustainability has had a huge impact on the construction industry. Increasingly strict legislation has meant that certain building products have fallen in popularity while others have grown.

Aluminium products are at the heart of the glazing industry’s drive towards sustainability. Aluminium is a 100% recyclable material. It can be melted down, reformed, and reused numerous times without losing any of its physical attributes. It is also easily mined from Bauxite, the world’s main source of aluminium. It is found in abundance near to the Earth’s surface and can be extracted by strip mining the land which can be restored and where necessary re-forested with limited impact on the natural environment.

With its superior sustainability credentials and its capacity to create outstanding glazed products, both in terms of performance and appearance, it should perhaps come as no surprise that aluminium products have seen such a boom in demand.

If you’re a glazing installer or fabricator who’d like to offer your customers the best in aluminium products, exlabesa can help. For more information about any of our products or services call 01302 762 500 or send us a message online.