Exlabesa we can produce aluminium profiles to use in the following industries

At Exlabesa, our aluminium expertise and decades of production experience place us at the forefront of the aluminium industry. Alongside our commercial and residential aluminium glazing systems, we also produce a range of aluminium systems designed for industrial usage.

Aluminium’s inherent strength, durability, and malleability make it the perfect material for a broad range of industrial applications. From construction to transport, aluminium is an integral part of many industrial projects. It is also a 100% recyclable material. In recent years this has helped to increase aluminium usage in many industries as developers strive for more eco-friendly methods of construction. Find out more about our extrusion capabilities by visiting our corporate site.

Exlabesa industrial aluminium profiles

At Exlabesa, we can produce aluminium systems for use in the following industries:

Construction & architecture – High performing glazing systems including window, door, curtain wall, and shop front systems. Balustrades, pergolas, casings, and battens.

Automotive – Lightweight and safety focussed aluminium components to reduce fuel consumption and improve performance. Heat exchangers, air conditioning units, electric battery boxes, fluid conduction systems.

Transport – Strength, flexibility, and durability make aluminium the perfect choice for a range of transport applications. Components for trucks, buses, trains, and ships.

Infraestructure – Aluminium’s strength and durability and its capacity to be formed and finished in endless shapes and appearances makes it perfect for use in infrastructure. Signage, lighting systems, street furniture, weather protective structures, covers, signals and logistical systems.

Energy – Aluminium systems play an integral role in the global drive for energy efficiency savings. Thanks to the superb resistance and conductivity capacity of aluminium it is used in many energy producing and saving applications. Photovoltaic systems, radiator systems, electrical structures, renewable energy structures.

Aluminium systems are used around the globe for a multitude of applications. When you choose Exlabesa as your aluminium system supplier, you get the best in aluminium expertise and bespoke aluminium systems.

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The complete aluminium production cycle

At Exlabesa, we provide a comprehensive aluminium processing service. From extruding the aluminium profiles from the raw material through strengthening, anodising, and powder coating, we always provide the same professional attention to detail.
Our aluminium systems are world leaders in terms of security capacity, thermal performance criteria, and aesthetic appearance. For aluminium window, door, and curtain wall fabrication companies, we can provide a personalised service with a range of bespoke designed products manufactured and supplied at extremely cost-effective prices.

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