Aluminum profileAluminium profiles provide are used as the frame that holds the glazing in windows and doors.

Aluminium profiles provide slimmer widths than other materials such as uPVC. This is because aluminium is so strong.

Because of aluminiums strength, the aluminium profile can accommodate large glass panes that allow for the maximum amount of light to come into a space. People looking out of the window can see more of the outside and the style is a lot more elegant than other materials.

As an aluminium window and door supply company, we can provide elegant aluminium profiles for projects in almost any colour.

Aluminium profiles

Birds eye view of aluminium window profileAluminium Window Profiles

The aluminium window profiles are perfect for any application and suit any project. From homes to office buildings, these profiles can be used to create casement or tilt and turn windows with a modern slimline design.

These window profiles come with mechanical corner joints for easy fabrication. The polyamide thermal break provides amazing thermal efficiency with U-values as low as 1.5W/m²k. Integral drainage systems ensure these profiles have a long lifespan and come in top or side hung configurations.

  • 28mm double glazing as standard
  • Maximum glazing size: 56m
  • 75mm polyamide sub-frame section
  • U-values as low as 1.5W/m²k
  • Maximum vent size (top hung): 1500mm x 1500mm
  • Weather tested to BS 6375-12009 & BS6375-2
  • Security tested to PAS24: 2012 security accreditation

Aluminium bifold door profileAluminium Bifold Profiles

Aluminium Bi-fold door profiles can be used in a home or business to open an entire wall and seamlessly transition an inside space into an outdoor space.

  • Maximum sash size: 1000mm x 2400mm
  • U-values as low as 1.5W/m²k
  • Maximum single leaf weight: 100kg
  • Glazing thickness from 10mm to 40mm
  • Air permeability: 300Pa
  • Water tightness: 450Pa
  • Wind load resistance: 1200Pa
  • PAS24 security accredited

Aluminium sliding door profile.Aluminum Sliding Door Profiles

Aluminium sliding door profiles have slim sightlines providing maximum visibility to the outdoors. This contemporary style and aluminium material provide amazing thermal performance and high security.

  • Maximum size: 2000mm x 2430mm
  • Maximum weight: 200kg
  • Maximum glazing: 34mm
  • U-values as low as 1.5 W/m²K
  • Tested to PAS24:2012 security accreditation
  • Available with slim 32mm interlock

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