An outstanding glass balustrade system is the newest offering from aluminium world-leaders Exlabesa Architecture.

The Glass Rail balustrade system, 100% manufactured in the Exlabesa Doncaster factory, has been designed to balance sleek, stylish aesthetics and uncompromising safety performance, while offering building users uninterrupted views.

Creating the effect of a solid wall of glass, Glass Rail can be fully integrated into the building envelope. It has four options for fixing to the base support, and can be fixed to the floor framing either internally or on one of the profile flanks.

What’s more, when design requirements necessitate taking the glass pane surface to the limit, the system can be installed on the front of the floor framing.

Glass Balustrade rail made by Exlabesa

Visually impressive and ultra-secure glass balustrade system

Glass Rail has also undergone rigorous safety testing and it has been approved under BS-6180 balustrade regulations using toughened laminated glass and 4 anchor fixings per lineal metre.

The product is available in stock both in anodized and mill finishes, and a wide range of colours are available with 15 days lead time.

“Demand for easy to install quality glass balustrade products has increased massively in recent years,” comments Exlabesa Business Development Manager, Simon Moore.

“Homeowners, architects and developers love them for their ability to offer safety without blocking out natural light, or obstructing scenic views – especially on balconies or in high-rise buildings.

“With Glass Rail, we challenged ourselves to make a glass balustrade product that excelled on all fronts – delivering robust safety, a wide range of aesthetic options and easy fabrication and installation.

“We’re extremely proud of what we’ve been able to achieve with Glass Rail, and are confident it will go on to become very popular in the UK market.”

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