How our in-house powder coating works

Powder Coated Aluminum

At Exlabesa, we offer our customers a full aluminium powder coating service on all our aluminium windows, doors, and curtain walling systems. Colours by Exlabesa provides installers with an unlimited range of finishes for their architectural aluminium project. Whether you require a sleek metallic finish or a bold bright appearance, we can offer you professional advice on the best colour for your installation project.

Exlabesa powder coating process

Exlabesa powder aluminium coating machines spraying.

The aluminium powder coating process involves applying a layer of dry powder paint to the surface of the aluminium using an electrostatically powered gun. Before beginning the powder coating process, the aluminium profiles must be carefully cleaned or sandblasted to ensure complete adherence of the powder paint.

Once the profiles are clean and prepared, compressed air is used to spray the powder paint coat onto the aluminium. The powder paint passes over an electrode inside the gun giving it a positive charge which aids adherence to the aluminium. The profiles are then passed through a heating machine to bake the paint onto the surface of the aluminium, creating a hard and durable coating.

RAL colours for every project specifications

Exlabesa aluminium profiles can be powder coated in a selection of different finishes including gloss, textured and matt. We can also provide a professional anodising service with a silver finish as standard. At Exlabesa, we offer an unlimited range of RAL colours for our aluminium profiles. This extensive customisation capacity allows you to choose from over 200 RAL colours to match your installation project’s design.

Powder coating treatment is a popular and high performing choice for finishing a range of window and door systems. Powder-coated aluminium products provide the following benefits:

  • Solar radiation protection
  • Resistance against low to medium temperatures
  • Zero maintenance finish
  • Attractive and customisable aesthetic
  • Uniform appearance with no colour running or streaking
  • Qualicoat certification

At Exlabesa, we use no solvents or volatile organic compounds during the powder coating process. This ensures that environmental damage is minimised, and material wastage is reduced. As an international aluminium specialist, we are dedicated to reducing environmental impact by operating a range of processes to ensure that our products are produced ethically, and all materials are sustainably sourced.

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