Exlabesa Architecture Global Director Carlos Negreira explains the rationale behind Exlabesa´s recent rebrand. 

Carlos, Exlabesa is one of the world’s biggest and most well-known aluminium extruders. Given that large public profile, why did you feel the need to rebrand? 

You’re right that Exlabesa is already very well known all around the world – we’ve got 24 extrusion presses, 9 painting plants, 5 anodising plants, and 8 factories across three continents. There aren’t many people in industry and the built environment who don’t know who we are. 

However, by last year, we’d decided that our branding wasn’t accurately communicating who we are, and the scale of what we do.  

We have an enormous positive impact on global construction. We’re an integral part of literally thousands of buildings all around the world – and that’s the key message we need our corporate identity to get across. 

Tell us about your new strapline – ‘extruding and shaping your world’. 

I’ve mentioned our global impact as a business – that’s what our new value proposition refers to. 

Some people know us from our presence in the built environment – building, architecture, glazing, fenestration and so on. Others know us from our presence in industry.  

But add the two together, and the role we play in shaping the modern world is huge. There are thousands of factories, towns, cities, pieces of transportation infrastructure and more in countries around the globe that were made possible by the aluminium we extrude. 

We can perform aluminium profile extrusion, powder painting, anodising, cutting, machining, bending, and polyamide assembly, right through to packaging, delivery and even recycling. In short, we can do it all. 

We’re incredibly proud of that fact – and that’s why we made it such a prominent part of the rebrand. 

You’ve also adopted a new tagline – ‘Massive. Beautiful. Efficient.’ Tell us more. 

Massive refers to both the impressive scale of many of the projects our products are used in, and our huge production capacity as a business.  

We’re a 500 million-euro turnover company with over 15,000 clients, producing 200,000 tonnes of extruded aluminium a year from eight factories across three continents – and that aluminium is then used by customers working on some of the most impressive developments on Earth. 

‘Beautiful’ refers to the stunning and ambitious architecture our innovative profile systems make possible – and ‘Efficient’ represents our focus on transport, automotive, renewable energy and industry in general, where our products are used extensively. 

You’ve laid the groundwork for the future with the rebrand. What are your key goals for the months and years ahead? 

We’ll continue striving to do what we’ve always done – help our customers overcome challenges with ingeniously-designed products.  

We’ll let them design the most outstanding, ambitious buildings, without placing technical limits on their creativity. And we’ll constantly innovate to help the businesses we work with adapt to whatever the future throws at us. 

We want to play a vital role in making built environments around the world more stylish, exceptional and sustainable places to be – and that’s what our new branding has been designed to communicate. 

Exlabesa Architecture UK is a world leader in aluminium windows, doors and façade systems. For more information, please call 01302 762500