Enhanced aesthetics, fast fabrication – it’s the Xlafold bi-fold from exlabesa

Sales Director Kevin Warner makes the case for exlabesa’s fast-to-fabricate Xlafold bi-fold.

Time. It’s the one thing we all want more of.

But society is going in the other direction – our lives seem to get more fast-paced and hectic with every passing year. Which makes time more valuable than ever.

The problem is, for those of us in glass and glazing, or any customer-facing setting, in fact, those fast-paced lifestyles have made people extremely demanding.

In every sector of the economy, now, we’re used to getting what we want almost instantly. If you’ve got Amazon Prime, your order arrives the next day. UberEats will deliver hot food to your door within the hour.

All of which has made us impatient. Unfortunately, in our sector it’s much harder to offer that level of lightning-fast service. But homeowners have come to expect it, which puts pressure on installers, who in turn put pressure on the whole supply chain.

It’s a problem that’s complicated by another modern trend – the booming popularity of high-end glass and glazing products.

Simple uPVC casements can be manufactured very quickly. But the defining products of twenty-first-century home improvement had tended to be a lot more complex.

Take bi-folds, for instance. Today, thousands of homeowners use them to create that sleek, minimalistic Grand Designs look, and bring the outside in.

But while fabricators and installers love them for the higher margins they can command, that’s often been counterbalanced by the fact they can be a real headache to manufacture.

Or that was the case until exlabesa released Xlafold

A seamless transition

First launched back in 2018, Xlafold was designed with one key aim in mind – making an outstanding aluminium bi-fold that was as quick and easy to manufacture as possible.

The product demonstrates the same all-round excellence and meticulous attention to detail that’s come to characterise all exlabesa’s offerings.

Its stunning ultra-slim aesthetics mean Xlafold makes for a seamless transition between home and garden, maximising the glazed area thanks to its slimline profile

It’s got an ultra-smooth action – even when made using leafs as heavy as 100kg – and its adjustable heavy-duty rollers allow for exactly uniform pane widths, enhancing the sleek visual appeal that makes bi-folds so popular.

It’s highly thermally efficient, capable of achieving U-Values of just 1.5 for a 3000mm x 2100mm three-pane door, and can offer glazing options from 10mm to 40mm allowing it to accommodate triple-glazed units where environmental performance is especially key.

And it’s extremely versatile – coming with squared or curved sash options, a choice of open-in and open-out configurations, and available in any RAL colour.

Fast fabrication

Most of all, though, it’s easy to fabricate – one of the easiest on the market, in fact.

“We’re extremely aware that fabricators are more time-pressured than ever,” comments exlabesa Sales Director Kevin Warner. “And that means ease of fabrication is always one of our highest priorities at the product design stage.

“The bi-fold boom has been extraordinary over the last decade, and it’s a market that still holds huge opportunities for businesses able to supply stylish, high-end products.

“But there are still fabricators who are wary of trying to take advantage of them because of the perceived complexity of making products like bi-folds – and plenty of companies already offering them who are frustrated by how long they normally take to make.

“In Xlafold, we’re confident that we’ve created the solution.

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