World leaders in architectural aluminium systems

At exlabesa, we are at the forefront of the global aluminium revolution. Aluminium is an integral part of the international drive for creating a more sustainable society. Its outstanding capacity to be recycled and reused in an endless cycle makes aluminium the preferred material for a wide range of architectural and industrial applications. With its inherent strength, durability, and malleability, aluminium is now being used for a more diverse range of applications than ever before.
At exlabesa, we carry out extensive research and development into the potential usage of aluminium on a global scale. We operate modern testing laboratories where we use the latest CAD and 3D software to build complex models and calculate the capacity for aluminium usage in a real-world environment. We employ a highly qualified and experienced team of designers and engineers who work alongside other industry experts and professional clients to find innovative solutions through the use of aluminium.

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