Simon Moore, Business Development Manager at Exlabesa Architecture UK, takes us through the firm’s comprehensive product range. 

There are many different factors that make Exlabesa Architecture UK one of the world’s leading aluminium systems companies. 

But one of the biggest is simply the extraordinary breadth of the range of products we can offer. 

The popularity of complex, luxurious home improvements like sliding doors and bifolds has soared in recent decades – but it’s important not to forget that by far the most commonly bought fenestration products are still casement windows.  

That’s why Exlabesa Architecture UK offers a trio of outstanding casement window products.  

The KC75 offers excellent insulation and security performance with its 75mm profile. The KC51 has been designed to enable quick and easy fabrication, thanks to its mechanical corner cleat – while the steel-look KS59 is an open-out window with sought-after industrial aesthetics.  

Outstanding doors  

On the door front, the Exlabesa range also excels. Products like the KLS lift and slide door deliver exceptional performance, with heavy-duty rollers that can support glass sections that weigh as much as 400kg.  

Another sought-after Exlabesa door product is the extremely versatile Xlafold bifold.   

It comes in a choice of open-in or open-out configurations, squared or curved sash options, and is available in any RAL colour – and like all Exlabesa systems, has been designed to be quick and easy to fabricate.  

One of the most popular recent additions to the range is the twin or triple-tracked Xlaslide door, thanks to its slim sightlines and adjustable rollers that allow for smooth operation even with glass panes weighing 200kg.  

In addition, Xlaslide can offer easy-on site glazing and unobstructed views with its extremely slim 32mm interlock section, ensuring it’s appreciated by both installers and end-users. Despite its large panes, it offers good thermal efficiency, typically achieving U-values of 1.5 with a 1.0 centre pane value.  

One strength of the Xlaslide door that’s common to many products in the Exlabesa range is that many of its components are the same as those used on other systems.  

For example, it uses the same gaskets and beads as our 51 and 75 systems, which means our customers don’t have to store as many components, saving them valuable space.  

British-made balustrades 

However, the latest addition to our ever-expanding range is Glass Rail – an exceptional new glass balustrade system that’s entirely manufactured in the UK.  

It’s been designed to balance sleek, stylish aesthetics and uncompromising safety performance, while offering building users uninterrupted views.  

Creating the effect of a solid wall of glass, Glass Rail can be fully integrated into the building envelope. It has four options for fixing to the base support, and can be fixed to the floor framing either internally or on one of the profile flanks.  

When design requirements necessitate taking the glass pane surface to the limit, the system can be installed on the front of the floor framing.  

Glass Rail has also undergone rigorous safety testing and has been approved under BS-6180 balustrade regulations using toughened laminated glass and 4 anchor fixings per lineal metre.  

The product is available in stock both in anodized and mill finishes, and a wide range of colours are available with a 15 day lead time.  

First-class support  

It’s not only the extensive range of quality systems that make Exlabesa stand out as one of the world’s best aluminium suppliers, however.  

Our products are also backed by excellent service, provided by a dedicated technical team. Based in Doncaster, these highly experienced fenestration professionals are always on hand to offer advice, support, and training in how to fabricate our latest offerings.  

What’s more, our Support Hub contains a whole host of useful information, like technical specifications, fabrication manuals and CAD details, and can help customers with U-Value calculations, inertia calculations, software and much more.  

It’s this combination of top-of-the-line products and first-class service that we think makes us one of the best aluminium systems companies in the world.  

Exlabesa Architecture is a world leader in aluminium windows, doors and façade systems. For more information, please call 01302 762500 or visit